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Pesca Ripiena alla Piemontese | Italian Stuffed Peach Recipe

Watch the Pasta Grammar video where we make this recipe here:

For this recipe, you will need:

- 1 peach (best if it's slightly unripe)

- 6-8 (about 40g) amaretti cookies

- 8-10 almonds, plus extra chopped almonds for topping (optional)

- 1 2/3 tbsp (20g) brown sugar, or to taste

- 1 tbsp (5g) unsweetened cocoa powder

- 1 pat butter for greasing

- Marsala wine

- Powdered sugar for topping

Preheat an oven to 385 degrees F (195 C).

Cut the peach in half and remove the pit. Scoop out and save the insides of the fruit, leaving enough to maintain the structure of the "shell."

In a food processor or blender, blend the amaretti cookies and almonds into a fine crumble. Transfer into a mixing bowl and combine with the peach insides, brown sugar, and cocoa powder. Mix thoroughly.

Fill each of the peach shells with this mixture, then place in a small buttered baking dish. Drizzle some Marsala wine over the halves, and bake for 45 minutes.

Allow to cool, then dust with powdered sugar and sprinkle with chopped almonds before serving. Buon appetito!


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