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May 7-16, 2025

September 24 - October 3, 2025















Welcome to the Pasta Grammar Tour! Come join Harper and Eva of Pasta Grammar on a culinary tour of southern Italy. From Campania to Calabria, we will explore the sights and flavors of this enchanting land.


This tour is for adventurous eaters! While there will be no shortage of pizza and pasta, be prepared to see a side of Italian cuisine you won't find on mainstream tours. If you prefer exploring busy Neapolitan street markets over sipping an overpriced cappuccino in Piazza San Marco, this is the trip for you!


With a small group of guests, it is our goal to create an intimate trip where we can all make new friends and enjoy some of the most delicious food in the world together.


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May 24-30, 2025

September 6-12, 2025










Come spend a food-filled week with us and a small group of fellow visitors in Eva’s hometown: Dasà! A small village in the mountains of Calabria, Dasà is an ideal place to experience rural Italy as a local. During this week we will learn about the regional food, cook together, interact with the locals, and experience southern Italian life in a truly unique way.

Dasà is far from a touristy place: be forewarned that there are no restaurants, shopping centers, or hotels. What there is, however, is an abundance of amazing food and culture that only the locals (and you!) can fully experience.

This week-long immersion is not for everyone, but if you’re adventurous and want to experience Italy as almost no outsider can ever hope to, consider joining us!


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September 14-19, 2024










Experience the sights and tastes of Calabria: one of the remaining undiscovered gems of Italy! This tour features some of our favorite Calabrian destinations and meals from the full Pasta Grammar Tour, but in a shorter and more affordable package. It's perfect for travelers who want to visit this enchanting region, but have limited time or want to visit other areas of the Boot as well!

Our close partner and expert travel agent, Angela Donato, will guide you and a small group of fellow travelers on a delicious tour of this diverse region—from the crystal blue waters of Tropea to the mountainous canyons of Civita. We're looking forward to welcoming you for a day in Eva's hometown of Dasà for a day of cooking, eating and celebrating with us and our family!


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