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Benvenuto to the world of traditional Italian cuisine! Our Italian food blog is dedicated to bringing you the best in authentic Italian recipes, cooking tips, and food culture. Whether you're a nonna-level pro in the kitchen or a complete beginner looking to try something new, our blog is the perfect resource for real Italian food.


From pasta and pizza to Calabrian potato donuts, you’ve come to the right place to learn about the delicious world of Italian cuisine. And trust us, it’s a big world—a lot bigger than the Olive Garden menu. Here you can expect to find the best recipes for familiar favorites or discover some of the many, many hidden gems that have remained Italian secrets… until now, that is!


We are Eva and Harper, a couple passionate about sharing our food and culture with each other and the world. Together we host the YouTube channel "Pasta Grammar” where we publish weekly videos all about the flavors of Eva’s homeland, Italy, as seen through Harper’s American eyes. We’re on a mission to spread the gospel of genuine, traditional Italian food!

Looking to immerse yourself even further in Italian culture? In addition to fantastic Italian recipes, we also offer Italian food tours and Italian language lessons. Check out the menu links above for more details!

As always, buon appetito!

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